CASTO Chapter #3

San Diego & Imperial Counties

BENFITS of CASTO Membership

Membership in CASTO provides the opportunity to effectively become involved in and improve the world in which we work! When we join together, we CAN make a difference. Together we can make improvements, as well as influence legislation and groups that will improve safety for school pupils. 

How do we do that?

  • CASTOways Newsletter
  • CASTOways website just for you!
    • Meeting with fellow professionals on topics of importance - WORKSHOPS
    • Up-to-date information on changes in the industry, legislation and new regulations
    • Award banquets and recognition events
    • State Conference
    • National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) affiliation

    Apply ONLINE now! It's SO EASY! CLICK = CASTO Membership Application 

    MOST of you (bus drivers, attendants, mechanics, etc...) will CHOOSE the "Professional / Associate Members" category. EASY!  Trainers, Managers, will find your membership level as an Official Member (I, II, III). 

    LOOK - Let's be honest:

    You may not be aware...School Transportation funding ($$$) is not a high priority for our legislative representatives. CASTO FIGHTS for OUR RIGHTS! Every day our legislative representative is at the State Capital talking to our lawmakers one on one, getting support for additional funding and programs for US! You and me.

    It's TRUE - there is strength in NUMBERS!  This is the reason to be a member of CASTO. All the training, roadeos, events, and good times = that's the side benefit! 

    When NICO goes to the State - he needs to say we have 1,500; no 2,000; no 5,000 members! who demand this change. It's starts with YOUR commitment to be a member. 

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